Hi all!

I’m Mackenzie. Wifey, Mommy, lover of all things Jesus. Very new to blogging but think I might have a hint of lessons and struggles people might want to read about. I absolutely love the life God has blessed me with but feel I am not as present as I should be. I’m currently on a journey to becoming more secure in who I am and being more present in all life has to offer. My son is amazing…he is pretty hilarious and God is going to do amazing things through him. My husband and I fit perfectly together in all our weirdness and I don’t give him enough credit for all he does for our family. We also have another little blessing on the way – Arriving July 2017.

Through this blog I want to be as transparent as possible. Sharing my struggles, and my triumphs in life, motherhood, wifehood and everything else. I want to let God guide me in everything (the whole point of the title “life on the sidelines”). I hope it is as pleasant as reading as it is for me to write it. If at anytime I am not being transparent let me know.

With Love,