Bedtime Routines

I feel like a child standing in front her mom and dad, ears plugged screaming I’M NOT LISTENING!!

I’ve read article after article about getting babies on a schedule, getting them used to falling asleep with out rocking, making sure they don’t sleep too little or too much. I am so tired of trying to do everything the articles say and after weeks of trying I decided not to listen anymore.

I started rocking my son to sleep every night, and well really all day, while I hold him. He sits in swings and vibrating bassinets, he is swaddled every night and sleeps when ever he wants. With my first it was super easy to try and try and try for a schedule until it worked (and he was just a super chill baby), but now with a toddler running around and screaming a schedule is just not all that possible.

Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I’m addicted to schedules. It was so hard for me to just lay the whole schedule thing to rest. To trust that my sweet baby will still be just as perfect if I rock him to sleep every night just like if I didn’t. That he would be just as happy if he was held as much as possible or if I let him cry for 20 minutes in his chair because like I said I have a toddler running around. This was so hard, giving up the “perfect” schedule, letting what-ever happen.

Truth be told I am so beyond lucky and blessed that I chose (or did it choose me?) the unscheduled, rocking to sleep every night path. Now I get peaceful silence with my baby to cuddle, now I get time to read a short devotion on my phone as he falls asleep in my arms, now I get time to pray for his sweet soul and the rest of my beautiful family. All I know is that if the lord had blessed me with the most chill baby who went to sleep on his own, and didn’t need to be held all the time I wouldn’t have those amazing things I just listed.

Believe me, every other day I am tempted to retry a different schedule because its in my bones, but eventually just give up the thought…because right now I’m happy, with every extra cuddle and nap together, and early morning bottle feeding, I’m happy. I believe with out a shadow of a doubt that this is exactly the Lords plan. This sweet baby needing this extra love is just the lord telling me to slow down. Slow down and enjoy every moment, every morning, every smile because he wont be this little for long. My sweet toddler wont be this small for long either , my life will continue to change as does everyone’s. So for now I will be still in the silence of bedtime routines, I will seek the Gods word in my devo, I will pray for my family, I will slow down and enjoy life as it is right now because  we only get to enjoy this day once before we move on to the next.

With Love,


One thought on “Bedtime Routines

  1. It’s very insightful to realize how precious this time when you’re in the thick of it. I wasn’t blessed with that knowledge until mine were off to school. Enjoy!


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