Peace and solitude. To me they go hand in hand. To know peace you must find it in solitude.

Weeks ago after waking up earlier than the rest of the house I snuck out for coffee and headed towards the beach with my devotion and prayer journal in hand. No specific hopes of finding peace in those moments of solitude sitting on the beach just wanted a chance to be alone, to read Gods word and to pray.

Clearly not knowing what God had in store I found my self reading a devotion that was literally written for me on that exact day. It was written about peace and finding it when you seek solitude. Often we don’t realize how vital it is for us to seek peace, or solitude or how ever you want to word it. Whether in devotional time, self reflection, or prayer we always should make time to find that solitude. To reach for that peace. I did that day and also came to the realization that it may not happen again for a while.

I was pregnant with a baby boy ( delivered 7/13/17) so I knew ahead of time I would find myself in a bustling life with two kids and no time for myself. I am blessed more than words can describe, being fully aware of that I owe it to myself, no to those who I am blessed by to always seek peace. For my patience and theirs, I have to make time for those moments of solitude. In prayer, devotion, or self reflection I am worth finding that peace and so are you.

Always remember what is important in life and when you do you’ll understand how important finding that peace is. You are worthy of the peace found in Christ, don’t forget that and don’t ignore it. Make time for you, always.


With love,



**Stay tuned next week for the raw emotional struggles that come with having a sweet baby.



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