The sunflower effect

How often do you get a glimpse of something or a clear sign just reminding you how good God is? Oh all the time? yea me too…

Not that I need reminders of how good He is (because I do know), often times I’m too caught up in just the norm of everyday to bring it tot the front of my mind. The other day in the garden I was looking at the sunflowers I accidently planted (not an exciting story) and was just marveling over how bright and beautiful they are. Just thinking how God created these flowers and made them bright like the sun and full of things other creatures (like bees) need to keep this big world spinning.

…Fast forward to after my lunch when I returned to work…  I’m a full time student at Mount Olive and am coming up on graduation in December (PRAISE). I was emailing my advisor for some information about an upcoming class because I am about 2 weeks away from having a new born added to my already crazy busy life. She shortly emailed back mentioning that I could change the upcoming class from a seated class ( which I would have to take the baby to) to an online class which I could take from the comfort of my couch.

To say I was THRILLED is an understatement. I mean obviously this option was so much of a better choice given the place I was about to be in and I am so blessed! Guys this was obviously a God thing. With out a doubt. He always has his eye on us and knows what we need. I had no idea that option was even available and yet he still made it possible.

I’m super excited about what the next chapter holds. While continuing with school will be hard with a newborn, I have worked extremely hard to get where I am at and in two weeks I will fully be living the mom of two , full time worker and student life. I will most likely want to pull my hair out but I will be loving every single moment of it.

Always look for the sunflowers guys. Look for the bright in everything. Find God in what ever life is throwing at you even if nothing crazy is going on. Because He is there and it always provides great peace when you focus on Him and see his presence in all things, even in a flower.

With Love,


Update: I recently mentioned some thing’s we were waiting on answers for. I know we reported a praise when baby Grayson went form being breech to head down on his own we also were monitoring my fluid levels which rose to a high level in a short amount of time. Mom and baby are both healthy but for fear of preterm labor or other complications we will be induced before the due date. This wasn’t the answer I hoped for but I have come to terms with this plan God has set out for us. We are expecting our blessing sooner than we thought and really who can complain about that??


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