Hurry Up And Wait…

Oh that never ending life cycle of “hurry up and wait”. When you are waiting for a scenario to play out but it could take a matter of days weeks or even months.

Being pregnant I have kind of been in that cycle for almost 9 months but now that we are officially in countdown mode with 4 SHORT weeks left its more intense than ever waiting for this little baby to join this family.

More than just pregnancy the past month or so have been a string of doctors telling me different things while having to wait for the next appointment to find out the results. Thank GOD I can breath on one result. Sweet stubborn Grayson was breech for a couple of weeks and the doctors were looking towards ECV (physically turning the baby) while not guaranteeing it could work. Praise the Lord because as of yesterday Baby G is no longer breech! WOO!

While we still have some more waiting to do for other things we know the Lords plan is the right plan and so we will wait…semi patiently.

…Hurry up and wait comes in the form of good scenarios too though so don’t worry. After being promoted in April I was given a series of tasks to take care of and have been given the great opportunity to be mentored by our company president. BUT now I have to hurry up and wait. I will train, I will go on maternity leave, and then finally return to work for more training and the potential for more mentoring and more growth in my career. Waiting for that is pretty difficult because it will be a series of months and years  but its all very exciting.

Guys, God is so good. We sit by worry about his plans instead of watching them play out. And seriously if you just watch, its amazing. Months and Months ago, for months, I would pray and pray for God to open doors for a new job if it was his plan. Some doors were closed, some I peeked through, some I didn’t even get the chance to open. Look what happened because I prayed and waited? God knows. He knows your desires, hears your prayers and always knows what is best. Just pray, believe and be patient.


With Love,



P.S.- Check out these amazing Maternity Photos shot by the very talented Casey Lauren. Check out her Facebook page HERE


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