The Impact Of A Mother

Moms have a hard job. Well more like hard job’s. When God created us he created us strong enough to give birth, but gentle enough to love (endlessly) the babies we are blessed with. With all that said having a day to reflect on the amazing woman in our lives brings me to this…

This year will be my second year celebrating mothers day as a mom and I couldn’t be more blessed to have that and to be adding another blessing to that mix. But for some, mothers day is a struggle. My own mother passed away when I was only 5 so in a big way I don’t look forward to mothers day but I was beyond blessed to grow up with many motherly figures in my life who I want to shine a little light on today.

First my older sister. She was also very young when our mom passed but I clearly remember her stepping up in a big way to help take care of me and my even younger sister. And she’s done that her whole life. Always there to teach like a mom and taunt like a sister.  with out her strength I don’t think I would be who I am today. If we weren’t sisters I pray we would be friends because I cant imagine a life with out her.

Second my Aunts (and uncles). They took us in, fed us, taught us, loved us and always let us know they were there if we needed. If we had not had family to go to then the possibilities that my sisters and I could have been separated and sentenced to a life in foster care could have been very high. I cant thank my family enough for stepping up for us in such a big way.

And finally (although there are a list of woman I could keep thinking of), my “step” mom. I say “step” mom because although that is her title she is so much more than a “step” anything. This woman had children of her own but when she began dating and eventually married my father she took me and my two sisters in with no hesitation. By this time we were older and more stubborn in our ways but she never gave up to teach us what is most important in life. This amazing woman loves deeply and would give the stranger on the street the shirt from her own back if they needed it. With out her I don’t believe I would know how to stand up for myself, how to apologize when I was wrong and I certainly wouldn’t know how to let loose and have a good time! She is so very strong in who she is and doesn’t let anyone try and change her. I can only hope that she knows the impact she has made on my life and I’m sure countless others.

Moms play an important role but if you don’t have one, I can only pray your life is filled with woman like the ones from my life who will mold you into amazing people. Life is hard and scary, and only gets harder and scarier when you have sweet babes that you worry about 24/7. Whether they are biological children, “step” children, adopted children, or family you have taken in to your care. During the absolute hardest of days being a mom (because of my own lack of patience), I am secure in myself because I am the mom I am because of the woman who raised me.

Moms– don’t ever doubt yourself, no one really knows what they are doing so rest assured your doing an amazing job with the role you’ve been blessed with. If you do ever feel weary think of the things you learned from the woman who raised you and reach out to the woman that surround you. And remember, you are always surrounded by the love of God, and trust me he does not make mistakes and didn’t when he made you a Mom. I hope all the moms out there have a blessed mothers day and truly know how appreciated and loved they are and how much of an impact you have on the babies you are raising.

With love (and Happy Mothers Day),


30 weeks


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